About us

Welcome to Jay Polymers
       THE LEADING MANUFACTURERS OF RUBBER PRODUCTS SINCE 1998 and till today we have been rendering our services and supply to various large, Medium and small scale industries . We are manfacturing rubber products made from Natural rubber, Neoprene rubber, EPDM rubber, Polyurethene rubber grade, Butyle rubber, Hypalon rubber etc.

           Jay Polymers has an excellent reputation for range of rubber products and of assurance that each and every product manufactured is of highest quality. We almost take care to use the best quality raw-materials of standard companies which enable us to maintain high quality standards, All incoming materials are tested, checked and approved prior manufacturing, after the mixing of all the ingredients, each batch is tested for hardness, density and cure characteristics.

Products are manufactured under stringent quality control and inspection like visual, dimensional, physical, mechanical, ageing properties and product appearance, where appropriate, quality assurance procedures can be custom made to meet individual customers requirements Thus we always maintain a thorough and careful quality Control through inspection.

Quality is now the essence of our purpose.


The company has its own tool room for making Dies, Moulds, Fixtures and Metal Inserts. It is also well equipped with Machinery, Testng Facilities and Process Equipment. The polymers processed include natural rubber E.P.D.M, Nitrile etc. Our robust infrastructural base has played a vital role in strengthening the market position of the company.

Quality Assurance

Our products are passed through the below mentioned quality tests:
Tensile Modules Elongation.
Elongation at Break.
Hardness Shore A
Specific Gravity.
Abrasion Resistance.
Torsion Stiffness.
Axial/Radial Load Deflection.
Bond Test.
Life Cycle Test.

Manufacturing Facility
We employ the best and state of the Art Facilities in our production line.  

Rubber mixing facilities include separate lines for black and coloured products. Inhouse mixing process ensures appropriate compounding and formulation for the downstream processes involved.

Performs for moulding operation or finished extrusions can be carried out in our cold feed extruder.

The key part of our manufacturing process is precision moulding. All the three well known moulding processes of Compression, Transfer and Injection moulding are employed to produce perfect parts. Moulds are precision machined with the use of correct grades of tool steels appropriate for different rubber materials. The choice of the moulding process depends on the part shape, complexity and number of parts to be produced. Compression and transfer moulding is carried out on automatic hydraulic presses with digital time and temperature controls. PID temperature controllers ensure uniform platen temperatures producing consistent parts.

The trimming of parts smaller than 60 mm OD is carried out using state of the art cryogenic deflashing process. Bigger parts are carefully trimmed using buffing and grinding wheels.