JAY POLYMERS is a renowned name in rubber industries for more than 10 years in research and development, applications of rubber compounding and designing of products to the customers’ requirements and satisfactions. Our customers rightly accept the products that those must comply both physically and chemically with broad spectrum of identifying requirements.
Technically, it must be able to withstand the engineers needs effectively and easily, as well as economically. Monarch Rubber Industry is fully experienced in development of RUBBER PRODUCTS which are for Oil, Grease and petroleum resistant, Water, hot water and Steam resistant, Acid and Alkali resistant, Flame retardant, Flex crack resistant, Low gas permeability with good physical, chemical and mechanical properties. We take AL MOST care to protect the same from ozone, weather , heat, sunlight, oxygen, etc, whether it is specified or not. And in almost all types of rubbers likeNATURAL, NITRILE, NEOPRENE, EPDM, SBR, BUTYL, SILICON, FLUOROCARBON RUBBERS (VITON) etc. (pl see materials). We are eager to help our customers in developing of products for betterment from concept to finished products in a most scientific way and design, with economy sense as well. Let Monarch Rubber Industry be your primary supplier . We will provide the best quality products and solutions with the best prices. We definitely look forward to work with you.